Being an actress in San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco two years ago. In that moment, I could not imagine that I would be able to speak in English, to been understood and even less more, that I would be able to act in English.

Now after several ESL English classes at City College,  several failed commercial auditions, several pathetic situations …etc. I can say to everybody that I CAN DO IT. I can speak in English and been understood for the others, and I can act in English.

At the beginning of the last year, I began taking Acting classes in the ACT, with Andrew Hurteau and Lynne Soffer. They gave me the confidence that I lost when I arrived here. Since October 2013,  weekly,  I take acting classes with Joie Landeaux. She has a class where we reinforce through cold reading our Auditions skills. In every session we have to record and improve ourselves. This technique helps you focusing in your character and knowing yourself  better . «I love this class».

Soon I will post some pieces of the class!

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